Yasu TANAKA @ Tokyo & Yokohama


Resize_Yasu_bwWith over 25 years in the industry , Yasu is lead cutter the both of mens and lady’s. Yasu’s specialties include chemical straightening, foiling, balayage and is amazing when it comes to working with naturally curly hair. Yasu has a caring and patient approach to all his clients, he listens to their needs and gives professional advice to create the best personalised hair care plan for them . 

Yasu basically work in Brisbane Australia. Every  other months, comes and go back to two countries. However, due to COVID-19, Yasu cannot come back to Australia at the moment. That’s why he come to Tokyo every month 2020 and early 2021. 

Yasu takes the time to sit with you before each hair done and discuss the look you are loving  to achieve. Then Yasu will give the skill to make recommendations on the various looks that will be best suited to your facial structure, your personality, your fashion. 

Yasu has over 15 years experience working oversea countries, USA (LA),  Australia (Brisbane) and Germany (Dusseldorf) as well.